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SPORTAMERICA was founded in 1990 with the mission of helping athletes and coaches reach their full potential in the field of sports and athletics.

SPORTAMERICA'S goal is to educate and motivate athletes and coaches to their highest potential. The company's philosophy is to teach with the most up-to-date methods as well as the "old school" philosophy of sound fundamental training.

SPORTAMERICA's instructional videos, audio tapes, and books have a proven track record with consistent results. More important, they are user-friendly for all ages.

SPORTAMERICA's clinics are also great teaching tools for teams and individual players to receive personal attention from some of the best clinicians in the country. In only 1 decade, SPORTAMERICA has become the largest producer of sports instructional and workout products for athletes worldwide!

SPORTAMERICA has created a new market in the sports arena with its innovative concept of sports workout programs. Although workouts are not a new concept to health and fitness, SPORTAMERICA has taken the "workout" concept to a new level by developing instant game plans for success through innovative work-out programs. First, the workouts are designed to help develop a player's skills by teaching the basic fundamentals as well the most advanced moves. Secondly, the Workouts can be used for both off and in season training, team practices, as an individual workout or to develop advanced moves and skills for use in the heat of competition.

SPORTAMERICA also runs www.ATHLETICQUEST.net, an educational recruiting organization built and operated exclusively by College Coaches. ATHLETIC QUEST's purpose is to help athletes find colleges and help colleges find athletes. This unique recruiting organization of College Coaches provides step-by-step help to aspiring athletes by providing a detailed roadmap for recruiting success in the form of a website, official college recruiting books, and products.

SPORTAMERICA is committed to providing the best educational and motivational tools available in the marketplace. The company's products are unique because they not only help to teach, but they also train athletes with "user friendly" programs and techniques.
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