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NOW AVAILABLE ON AUDIO CD!  Listen, laugh, and learn as 12 of the nation's greatest motivators share the secrets of their success. You won't want to miss this opportunity to hear the wit, wisdom, and winning ways of America's most successful coaches!

Twelve coaches, 10 national championships, 6 tapes and hundreds of insights into life, sports, and success. For the first time ever, America's winningest coaches have documented their keys to victory including...

1) Setting and Achieving "Impossible" Goals
2) Motivating Losers to be Winners
3) Defusing Stress in Yourself and Others
4) Building Your Power Base
5) Obtaining Unshakeable Self-Confidence

MASTERS OF MOTIVATION is not only about sports, it also focuses on a more complex game than that...Your life, Your Finances, Your Career, Your Relationships, Your Business, Your Personal Goals, and so much more!

Featured Coaches include:

1)  Lou Holz  - Former Head Coach, University of Notre Dame, South Carolina University
2)  Lavell Edwards - Head Coach, Brigham Young University
3)  Bo Schembechler - Former Head Coach, University of Michigan
4)  Vince Dooley - Former Head Coach, University of Georgia
5)  Barry Switzer - Former Head Coach, Dallas Cowboys - NFL
6)  Johnny Majors - Head Coach, University of Pittsburgh
7)  Joe Paterno - Head Coach, Penn State University
8)  Don James - Former Head Coach, University of Washington
9)  Tom Osborne - Former Head Coach, University of Nebraska
10) Grant Teaff - Former Head Coach - Baylor University
11) Terry Donahue - Former Head Coach, UCLA
12) Hayden Fry - Head Coach, University of Iowa

 Learn the "Secrets of Success" from the "Successful"!


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Correct motor movements and body technique is what makes an athlete an athlete! This workout takes you through drills and exercises to rapidly increase the reactive ability of your body.
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